10 Things All Contractors Must Know To Have A Successful Contracting Business

10 Things All Contractors Must Know To Have A Successful Contracting Business…

1). Create a name for your business that means quality and has long lasting results. When you create the name of your business make sure it’s something powerful and use power words in the name.

2). You must know how to market your business and do it the right way… When you market your business you are always building your brand. Branding is something that will pay dividends for years.

3). You must create a slogan for your business that rhymes with your product service in your local state. A slogan will be used in all your marketing as well and people will remember that when they’re looking for your product and service. You have to create a hook so you will hook them when they when the people here your slogan they remember you’re businesses name.

4). You must have Social media presence because it is critical for your business today. Upload photos and videos of your active and current jobs daily if possible. Create a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a YouTube channel can use them whenever you can. Create Facebook post and post them and post them to get local views.

5). Your business should have a jingle with your company name and slogan included. This is powerful and when you run radio spots you will use this over and over again with your music and the jingle built-in.

6). You must become a sales person or hire a sales person to do the sales. Create a sales presentation that you can use it for all of your sales calls. Take a sales training course or watch training videos and become a strong closer because you need to close the sale. Your business depends on you making sales and if you don’t make sales you’ll be out of business.

7). You must learn how to hire installation crews, whether it’s employees or subcontractors. If you are hiring employees you must learn all about OSHA and local requirements for your city or state. If you’re hire an independent contractors you want to find out what the requirements are in the local city in the states. Then have a place where you can store all of these documents in a secured place.

8). A business owner must have a good accountant and a good lawyer. Have a meeting with your accountant to find out how you should set up your business as a Corporation or a LLC. Then set up a meeting with your lawyer to have him set up your cooperation and also to look over all of your documents that you’ll be using for your business.

9). You must have a professional looking website for your customers to find you, and also visit your website so they can schedule their appointment online automatically, and look over your company before your estimate. This is a critical phase because this is going to be the first buying decision they will make which is feeling comfortable about you with the contractor.

10). You must have a web-based contractor software system that will keep track of all the leads that go through your company, also that provides an estimating platform for your business to make sales. Also a software that provides digital signatures sent out automatically via email, and automatically uploads a signed copy to your customer file. Also a software system that keeps track of all the jobs, calendar scheduling and all your subcontractor files. Today is your lucky day because Contractor OS will help you with some of the most important thing you need for your contracting business.

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