3 Things Contractors Should Never Do During An Estimate

Learn what Contractors Should Never Do should never do during and estimate, BUT  these things that are very common with some contractors, and it makes them lose the sale.

Contractors Should Never Do

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Contractors Should Never Do These Things

Here is the DO NOT or lose the sale list:

The First thing contractor you should never do when talking to a potential customer is to badmouth the competition. It’s amazing how upset customers will get when you start talking bad about other companies.

So definitely don’t say anything about other companies that they may be looking at, just sell yourself and believe in what you do.

The Second thing you should never do while on an estimate is bring in the competition or talk about other company services. What I mean by this is never ask who else there talking with, because it re-stimulates the connection with the competition. During the estimating phase homeowners or potential clients will make a connection with the competition from statements, methods or other emotional connections during the buying phase.

So never use another company’s name or brand during your estimate, you are there to talk about you and sell the job that day.

The Third thing contractor should never do during an estimate is argue with or become irritated with a potential customer during your estimate. This is very important to remember that they are interviewing you to do the job while getting a price from your company. Always smile during your appointments and keep an upbeat attitude because people buy from people they like, it’s not just about the price.

Lose Your Cool And Lose The Sale

3 Things That Contractors Should Never Say This

As a contractor you need to learn how to communicate with your new clients effectively, And unfortunately contractors say things that the potential client doesn’t like. They do it all the time and they wonder why they can’t close any sales.

Always Be Professional, It Sells

During the estimate remember you are being interviewed for a job, but also you’re giving them a quote to have the work completed. This is where you learn that people do business with people they like every time, it’s not about the price!

Thank you again from all of us at Contractor OS and we look forward to helping you succeed, and give you the necessary tools to achieve your goals.

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