5 Marketing Tips For Contractors

Want to learn our 5 Marketing Tips For Contractors, as we go through these tips about market your contracting business, always remember that you are building a brand for your business. So you need to be seen as the authority in your local marketplace.

Marketing Tips For Contractors

A brand is something that people will remember and they will be willing to pay more money for that brand names, because it is superior to other companies in the area.

Become The Authority In Your Area

The first marketing tip is to create a logo for your business that you can use on all of your company vehicles, signage, and of course all of the your digital documents and business cards.

The second marketing tip is create a slogan that will help customers remember your company name and brand. Just like all the big companies that you know that offer hamburgers, that offer cola products and food items they all have Built brand names.

The third marketing tip is to get customer referrals, this is important to build your online reputation. After each job you want your customer to fill out a review on the Better Business Bureau or on Angie’s list or somewhere that people can find your customer reviews.

The fourth marketing tip is to create videos that link back to your website from YouTube, Facebook or any other social media site that people can find your product or services.

The fifth marketing tip is to always place a job site sign after completing a job. This is a very inexpensive but effective way to promote your business locally, and it gets great results. Many contractors will never even use a job site sign, and this is how you continually build the brand in your local marketplace.

Always Building Your Brand

Contractor Business Branding

We hope these marketing tips will help you capture more market-share in your local area, and thanks again from all of us at Contractor OS