Can you briefly explain the 3 modules that make up the entire ContractorOS system?

  • Can you briefly explain the 3 modules that make up the entire ContractorOS sales and marketing system?

The 3 modules that make up the ContractorOS system are:

Our Contractor Estimate Pro Software Module and that’s really the back bone of our system. Our software is cloud based and mobile.  It’s fast, efficient, and secure. You can run your business from the jobsite, your home office, and even the cab of your truck.  It makes managing your customers, estimates, contracts, forms, even job scheduling and sales tracking a breeze.

– Our Contractor Website Pro Module that includes our mobile responsive website with our built –in “smart link” technology.  “Smart Link” allows your software and your website to communicate with each other and that automates a huge portion of the sales process for your business.  A high quality website is crucial with the Internet today.  It’s your customer’s first impression of your company and it should work as your best employee and greatest salesperson.  Too many businesses don’t take advantage of their website as a selling tool and we’re changing that with ContractorOS!

And finally our Contractor Marketing Pro Module which is our proprietary technology that we created and build into each ContractorOS website for our clients that help our clients drive local leads looking for specific contractor services right to their website.  We call this technology our “Local Business Builder” technology.  It’s proprietary, it works and it’s our “Done-For-You” SEO service that’s included with our elite package in ContractorOS.

– The truth is, all three modules, when combined together, truly creates a sales and marketing machine that’s virtually unstoppable in our industry and we’ve made it our mission to go out and change as many contractor’s lives as we can.


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