Importance of having a Contractor website in contracting business

In your opinion, how important is having a professional website and being MOBILE FRIENDLY in your contracting business?

– Mobile is everywhere.
– Your website is your customer’s first impression of your company.  If you’re not mobile you’re not only missing out on automation, you’re not allowing your website to do its job and make sales for you. Just as bad, you’re also telling a potential customer they aren’t important enough to you to get mobile. Is that any way to showcase your business?
– Mobile opens up a whole new market segment for your business. The younger generation, those buying homes for the first time and having children and wanting to expand their homes… they’re ALL MOBILE! I can guarantee you they’re looking online for a reputable contractor and aren’t going to give you a second glance if you’re not mobile friendly.
– Search engines are now penalizing websites that aren’t mobile.  So you can soon forget about anyone finding your website online if it isn’t mobile friendly.
– I always tell new contractors who are just starting out and asking for my advice… Your business is counting on YOU to make the right decisions.  Don’t let it down or it will let you down.  Stay up with the changing times and invest in technology if you want to compete in today’s mobile market.


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