Module 3: Your "SMART SEO" Local Business Builder Plugin

We Do The "SMART SEO" For You... 

Listen up... you’re a contractor... Not a lead generation specialist. You don’t have time to learn how to master SEO optimization, Social Networks, Paid Search, or the rest of all that techno hogwash everyone is peddling to you every day. You just need eager buyers ready to PAY YOU to get a job well done.

That’s why we take care of setting you up to rank high in local search results and drive leads to your website.

Our Local Search Experts are going to implement proprietary, search friendly content into your new website that practically forces Google to show your business at the top of the local rankings. It takes a lot of work and specialized training to rank high in the search engines, but our team is dedicated to making it happen for your business.

So when someone in a local town near you searches for a service you provide, they’re going to find your website. And you don’t have to lift a finger or pay someone $1000’s of dollars a month to make that happen. Our system does it all for you and is included as part of the ContractorOS system.

Hand of a white collar worker is touching a button to contact a male subcontractor via a female contractor in a virtual network. Technology metaphor for subcontracting and cloud computing. Cutout.

PLUS, You Get D.I.Y Private Access to Dozens of Ingenius Marketing Techniques Explained Step-By-Step On Video That You Can Watch and Implement Anytime - That Drive Local Leads To Your Website Like Gangbusters...


How to turn Social Media Sites like Facebook into your go-to advertising platforms when you want to drive cheap traffic to your website quickly.


How to easily create 30 Second Videos that you can pop onto sites like YouTube that drive eager leads to your website FREE. (Google LOVES videos more than any other type of media!) 


How to Create Short Blog Posts that rank high on Google for your local towns, make those posts keyword specific to your niche’, and drive local leads to your website.


How to upload before and after photos of renovation projects to Pinterest and tag them with local SEO keywords so they show up in local searches for customers interested in your specific trade.


How to use sites like Instagram and Snapchat as a "virtual portfolio" to showcase your work and that google will prioritize in their search results leading to an endless stream of potential LOCAL customers on your website.


What words and phrases you should NEVER use in print advertising in your local area and what words and phrases you should ALWAYS use to get your phone ringing off the hook with interested leads.

AND SO MUCH MORE!  It's All Contained in Our Private Vault for ContractorOS Users Only!


Remember, I'm a Home Improvement Contractor too, and over the years I learned some ingenious marketing techniques that allow me to do over $2,000,000 per year in my contracting business. I'm ready to show you exactly what I can do for you - AND you can do for yourself - to dominate your local cities and towns.


Contractors In All Trades Love ContractorOS...

"Dave and his team at ContractorOS changed my business entirely. I highly recommend you grab access to their mobile platform and lead generation website for your own contracting business RIGHT NOW! My results were nothing short of outstanding."

Jeff Hoyt - HVAC Contractor, Riverside CA

"Since working with ContractorOS and finally getting a website online for my business I've increased our overall sales and revenue by 32%.  It still amazes me how many of my customers comment about our website when we show up to do an estimate.  You guys really helped boost our sales and I really appreciate all you do.  Thanks again!"

John P. - Home Remodeler, Newport VA

"I've been in the roofing business for 25 years and finally put up one of those websites.  I don't know nothing about technology but your web guy made it really easy for me to get going. I just had new business cards printed and they look nice having a website on there. Oh ya and I'm getting free estimates coming in from the web all the time."

Bill M. - Roofer, Pringle PA

"My dad is a contractor his whole life and when I told him our business needed to get into the 21st century he laughed at me.  I took the initiative after speaking to Dave on the phone and had a website and software installed for our company.  7 months later and my dad keeps saying he doesn't know how he ran the family business his whole life without ContractorOS.  You guys really know what you're doing and it shows."

Paul T. - Window and Siding Installer, Ocala FL


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