Contractor Roof Estimating Software

If you’re looking for roof sketch tool that’s it’s absolutely free then contractor OS has this incredible tool for you to help you measure Roofs online. Over the last couple years technology has made it easier to capture images using a drone or Google allows individuals to use their images for personal use.

Roof Sketch Tool For Roofers

We created a tool that is free for anyone who wants to use it for measuring a roof with today’s technology. If you have a drone and you are a licensed drone pilot then you can use our roof sketch tool to help you measure the roof without climbing on the roof. Contractor OS wanted to give you all the tools necessary for you to take your roofing business to the next level…WATCH THE TRAINING VIDEO

Use This Tool With Your Drone Images

This roof sketch tool was designed with drone use in mind…There are many other companies charging for this type of software or service but we wanted to give it to you absolutely free. There are companies who will charge for individual roof sketch diagrams, and they have roof sketch tools that cost money every month. We decided that we would help roofers measure roof without having a monthly fee and do it safely. You can measure the roof, assign different lines to create a materials list, and then print off a report with all the roof pictures and roof diagrams and have it ready for your estimate… And it’s absolutely free no strings attach try it today!

Use The FREE Roof Sketch Tool: https://www.contractoros.net/roof-sketch/

That’s why Contractor OS is going to be the number one Roofing software and Roofing website online service available for roofers, and any of the contractor that needs a website or software to run their business… But with our incredible package you get a website and software that linked together to help you generate more leads online, but also to be able to handle those leads and create estimates quickly using our easy to use mobile friendly estimating software.