Roofing Sketch Software

Roof Sketch Software

If you looking for Roof sketch software so you can create a sketch file and the outline of the roof then check this one out, we have developed a incredible piece of software that you can use absolutely free for all of your roofing estimates. Never again pay for a roof sketch software tool, use this one for free…

Roof Sketch

Contractor OS is the leader of website and software automation and now wants to help any roofer with this free roof sketch tool. All you have to do is put in the address, then create a reference line so the system will know and scale the measurements to that line. It’s really quite simple to use the first line you draw the system uses that measurement for all the calculations including all the lines for the square footage with the rafter and eave lengths. Then assign the pitch of the roof and save the image, you can add it to one of six image blocks that will be created on the report. Then you can make any edits on each one of the images by right clicking and dragging the line to make the correction.

Learn How To Use Roof Sketch Software

Then you have to assign the lines whether they are the ridge, the eave or the rake and click the line in the color will change. You can at that point check the materials dad to see what the materials are and make any small adjustments as needed with percentage of Waste or amounts of ice and water shield required for the project.

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You can then print a report and save it and use it for your customer to preview and show them how you do your roof measuring. Also use it for your personally used to prepare for your appointment and for estimate.

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