The three simple techniques I use to “close the sale” on over 90% of my roofing estimates!

Ok… let’s dive right in!

Rule #1 – Make Sure ALL Decision Makers Are Present

Because I want to close 90% of my roofing estimates the same day, the number one technique that I use is to make sure that both (all) decision makers are present at the scheduled appointment.

When I schedule the free estimate or the inspection I make sure that I talk to everybody that’s going to be involved in the purchase of the new roof.

Why? Because you want to try to sell that roof the same day and most decisions are made when the homeowners get excited about your products and services.

You, the sales person, have to show everyone involved why you are the Roofing Contractor to choose for the job.

Rule #2 – Take Photos of the Roof

The number two technique for closing 90% of my roofing estimates the same day is photos, photos, photos!

I grab a ladder… I get up on the roof and I take pictures with my smart phone. Even better, if you are a drone pilot and have the ability to take pictures with your drone, this can be a better, safer way, especially on taller buildings.

But always make sure that you check with the FAA and do your due diligence because you have to be a licensed drone pilot to be able to use a drone for commercial use.

I then go inside and sit down at the kitchen table with all decision makers (all parties that are going to be involved in the purchase of this new roof) and I upload my pictures to my iPad.

This allows me the advantage of being able to show the homeowners any and all problems with their roof. This is where you show them the problem – then offer the solution.

It also helps to use any pre-made information packages you have that include product brochures and literature. This way they can make the decision about what product they want on their home at the same time.

Rule #3 – Create The Contract & Close The Deal

The third technique that I use to help me close over 90% of my roofing estimates is to immediately create a contract and have them digitally sign using our Contractor OS software system.

Our contractor software gives you the ability to have all of your customer information at your fingertips at any time. This is invaluable!

Using your tablet or smart phone you have instant access to your complete system from anywhere.

In my opinion, using Contractor OS as your roofing business software truly makes your roofing or contractor business limitless. It’s perfect not just for running your entire roofing business, but also for closing sales and improving your closing rates.

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