Best Contractor Software 2018

The best contractor software in 2018 in my opinion is Contractor OS. Why? Because the platform is built on mobile technology so you can use it on any device and will be able to create contracts and proposals with in minutes, and them have your customer sign digitally with no additional cost. Best Contractor Software…

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How to Negotiate Pricing With Roofing Sub Contractors

How to Negotiate Pricing With Roofing Sub Contractors Make The Subcontractor Earn The Pay My best tip would be to make your new a subcontractor prove himself before they would receive your full Master payment status (Prove & Earn). New Subcontractor – Entry Level: $80.00 per square for 30 days to see the quality of…

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Using A Drone For My Roofing Business

If you’re ready to start using a drone for your roofing business then this article will give you some great information about using your drone with your roofing business and Contractor OS gives you a free piece of software that you can use to create beautiful PDF reports showing the roof sketches, and also calculations.…

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Roofing Sales Training

roofing sales

Roofing Sales Training All roofing sales training should include the following components, the first one being a methodology throughout the sales process. All successful sales people follow the same tried-and-true method that has predictable results. Closing the sale is not an accident, it is simple if done correctly. One of my old mentors used to…

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Roofing Sketch Software

Roof Sketch Software If you looking for Roof sketch software so you can create a sketch file and the outline of the roof then check this one out, we have developed a incredible piece of software that you can use absolutely free for all of your roofing estimates. Never again pay for a roof sketch…

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Contractor Roof Estimating Software

If you’re looking for roof sketch tool that’s it’s absolutely free then contractor OS has this incredible tool for you to help you measure Roofs online. Over the last couple years technology has made it easier to capture images using a drone or Google allows individuals to use their images for personal use. Roof Sketch…

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Free Aerial Measurements For Roofing Contractors

Free Aerial Measurements For Roofing Contractors and using Google Maps to get unlimited roof measurements can help any roofing contractor, and be more efficient. Most roofers feel like they need to go to every estimate and then measure the roof, and most of the time it’s a good idea to go to every estimate, but…

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5 Steps to 5 Star Reviews for Contractors

Contractor Clipboard with Reviews and ratings

Don’t you just hate it when you go so far out of your way to please a customer and do a good job for them, yet they still find a reason to post something negative about you online? Let’s be honest, it happens to every business. We can’t please everyone 100% of the time… but…

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