"A Wise Investment Can Take You From Overworked, Underpaid, and Unorganized to an Efficient, Mobile, Master of Your Trade"




Here's Why You Need To Invest In Contractor OS Today...


"I know what it takes to turn a small town contractor into a respected business owner who dominates their trade in any town, in any economy, in any neck of the woods and becomes a pillar in their community.  I've done it."

I Spent 5 Years of my Life Perfecting a SYSTEM that Helped Me Automate My Sales and Mobilize My Business - And Now I'm Offering That Same System To You...

My name is David Deschaine, and I'm a home improvement contractor in Portland Maine.  I'm also the creator of ContractorOS.

I've been a contractor for over 25 years and I've had enormous success. I've dominated the local TV stations with my infomercials and I'm practically a celebrity in my local towns.

Check out one of my infomercials here.

But things weren't always great for me.  At one time in my life I was broke, depressed, and even considered giving up on my contracting business entirely. I knew I needed to figure out how to run my business more efficiently and put more money in my pocket.

I worked harder than any man I know. I did it all... the marketing, the estimates, the sales, the installations... you name it... my hands were in it. I was a slave to the trade - a slave to my business ... And I sure as hell wasn't gettin' rich!

I missed my kids birthdays ... our anniversaries, vacations with the family ... I missed it all. But to me ... if I kept working hard -- someday I'd be able to sit back and reap the rewards from all my exhausting efforts.

And it wasn't until I spent 5 years of my life perfecting a SYSTEM that helped me automate my sales and mobilize my business that everything changed for me ...

A Sales and Management System Powerful Enough for the Big Dogs... Yet Simple Enough For a ONE Man Operation...

Gone are the days of hiring unnecessary help to manage or run your business for you.  Those days are over in this mobile millennium and weak economy.

I do approximately $2 Million Dollars a year in home improvement sales in Portland Maine... and I could NEVER run my business without ContractorOS. I would NEVER want to run my business without my software & sales system! It's that critical to my success and the rapid growth of my business.

ContractorOS keeps my business organized and simple to operate without the need for a huge payroll and more importantly gives my business the look and feel of a professional company with every customer I interact with and every job I do.

I tried many of the other software programs out there on the market... forget it!  You have to attend three seminars and read months worth of instructions just to get setup.



"As a Small Business Owner, If You're Not Dedicating The Majority of Your Time on the Things That Put More Money in Your Pocket, Your Business is Literally a Ticking Time Bomb..."


"ContractorOS wasn't created by some "accounting geek" or "white collar pinhead" who knows NOTHING about a contracting business ... I created each and every aspect of this software from the inside out myself ... to manage my own contracting business"

Reduce Unnecessary Costs, Increase Productivity, and MAKE MORE MONEY in the Process...

It doesn't take a huge sales force or 10 employees working around the clock to turn an average (maybe even struggling) contracting business into the "go to" company everyone calls upon when they need the job done right.

All it takes is smart, efficient, organized business work flow ... a website that works as your biggest sales tool, a few great advertising strategies (I'm going to help you there too) ... and the ability to take you're entire business with you on the road wherever you go - a MOBILE OFFICE so to speak.

You can't be tied to a desk ... and you can't end a long day after estimating, installing, and selling your products and services - taking on 4 hours of paperwork.

That just doesn't cut it ...

And that's why I spent so much of my time and money to create ContractorOS ....

... to eliminate (or drastically reduce) employee payroll costs while increasing your productivity and time-management skills ... ALL WHILE INCREASING YOUR PROFITS.

I know what's "required" in a software system that makes life easier and makes managing your contracting business more efficient and profitable...

Work Side-By-Side With Someone Who's Already Achieved Massive Success and Can Help You Take Your Contracting Business To New Levels...

I created ContractorOS to NOT ONLY be the ONE MULTI-TOOL you need to run your business efficiently, but I also want to be your mentor, business coach, and marketing adviser. We're a brotherhood, a union - and I want to share with you what works for me in my business so you can copy the same strategies into your business too.

With ContractorOS, you'll be able to look over my shoulder as I perform a complete brain dump and show you exactly ... in step-by-step fashion... EXACTLY what you need to do starting tomorrow... to begin re-building and re-structuring your current contracting business into a powerhouse business that'll have customers banging down your doors with new jobs.

Today, I have contractor friends calling me everyday for advice... and guess what ... I gladly help.

It's all included in ContractorOS ... everything you need.. right inside my Contractor Marketing Pro Module that's part of the ContractorOS system. I break everything down in clear HD video modules and training that you can watch at your convenience.

This is a golden opportunity to take advantage of my generosity and start living the kind of lifestyle many contractors only dream of.



Most of my advertising strategies are so easy to implement, you can have your secretary, spouse, or even your kid handle most of it for you while you're out making money with your craft. 


"I dominate local TV with CHEAP 30 minute infomercials that turned me into a local celebrity. I can show you how to do the same thing.   Check out one of my infomercials here.

I Know Advertising (online and offline) Like the Back of My Hand and I'm Ready To Show You How To Dominate In Your Local Towns CHEAP!

I've mastered Facebook, Youtube, PPC, SEO and the dozens of other online ad platforms.  I also know how to dominate local cities and towns with direct mail campaigns and local TV spots that bring in huge money for my business. And I'm ready and eager to show you how to do it too!

Are you ready to accept the challenge? Or are you 100% satisfied with how your business is running and the money you're making right now?

With ContractorOS you get everything... three modules in one complete system:

Don't let this opportunity to test drive ContractorOS pass you by.  It will change your business, your bank account, and your life!

Here's to helping you build a more efficient and more profitable business,


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